Lazar Sumar


A quick implementation of heapsort for practice.

BuildAR Scene 2

This is a part of my first assignment for the Augmented Reality course here in University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Wireless Board Controller

This is the controller for the Wireless Board designed for the project referenced by my Wireless Board Firmware repository.


This project will allow the user to use multiple Kinect cameras with the OpenNI library and use the images in OpenCV's cv::Mat format. This is an extract from my final year group project, where I worked with Che Williams, Matthew Tait and Jack Wu to develop a cheap flying room to track the departmental quadrotor.


This is a library that I'm developing for personal use. So far, throughout my degree I have come across code that was also useful in subsequent projects. This is where I will collate all such code. Hopefully it becomes useful to others as well.

BuildAR Pro Scene 1

This is an assignment for my Augmented Reality course at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. It is done in the BuildAR Pro tool which is developed by our HITlab. It is basic and will probably not hold your interest unless you are an absolute beginner.


This is a personal copy of the QuadTrack project that is also available on

Non-photorealistic Rendering

This is the second assignment in the Advanced Computer Graphics course (COSC422) at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. It's specification is outlined in the PDF document included in the repository under the filename A02_11.pdf

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